Lions Gate Portal & Ascension

Lions Gate Portal & Ascension: Bridging Ancient Energies to the Future

In a world intertwined with celestial happenings and terrestrial energies, we find ourselves at a pivotal juncture. The Lions Gate Portal & Ascension, is a phenomenon revered in ancient civilizations, emerges once more, offering modern Power Priestesses a bridge between past and future, between division and unity.

The History and Significance of the Lions Gate

Originating from the heart of Egypt, the Lions Gate Portal traces its roots to the alignment with Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky. The Egyptian pantheon revered this alignment as it signaled the annual flooding of the Nile – a life-giving event that nurtured the lands. This celestial happening was seen as the Earth mama energy embracing and renewing her lands, a symbol of resurrection and rebirth.

The portal opens its most potent window between August 8th and 12th, with energies that beckon us to harness and embrace its powers for our ascension. These energies are amplified in 2023, a year where the bridge between past and future, old and new, becomes palpable.


The Lion's Gate Portal is an annual cosmic alignment occurring during Leo season, where Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo Sun season
The Lion’s Gate Portal is an annual cosmic alignment occurring during Leo season, where Earth, Sirius, and Orion align within the Leo Sun season


Bridging the Gaps in the Heart

Amidst the chaos of the modern era, with its divisions, separations, and endless challenges, the Lions Gate Portal emerges as a bridge to the heart space. This sacred space, often overshadowed by our fast-paced lives, holds the key to unity consciousness.

As we stand on the precipice of the new age, the divisions we witness globally are but reflections of the separations within our heart spaces. These divisions, though painful, are necessary rites of passage. They are part of our evolution, pushing us as divine yet messy humans to shed old skin and paradigms, making way for a renewed, united world.

Opening our Manifesting and Attraction Portals As Power Priestesses

The power of the Lions Gate Portal doesn’t stop at bridging gaps. It provides a path, an energetic superhighway, if you will, to our manifesting and attraction portals. When we allow ourselves to dance with these energies, we align our desires with the universe’s frequencies.

This alignment aids us in manifesting not just personal desires, but collective ones. As Power Priestesses, it’s our duty to channel this energy towards unity consciousness, leveraging the portal’s powers to manifest a world devoid of divisions.

The Lions Gate Portal and the Ascension Partnership Program

Within the tapestry of ascension, the Lions Gate Portal plays a pivotal role, especially when understood in the context of the Ascension Partnership Program. For powerhouse spiritual women who resonate with the modern priestess essence, bridging both earthly and cosmic realms, this portal holds special significance.

The Ascension Partnership Program is an intricate dance of clearing and aligning — it aids in dissolving soul contracts that no longer serve our higher purpose and breaks through limitations embedded in our soul blueprints. Think of these contracts and limitations as energetic chains, binding us to past traumas, patterns, and karmic debts. They often act as barriers, impeding our spiritual growth and keeping us from truly accessing and embodying our divine potential.

As the Lions Gate Portal flings open its celestial doors, it amplifies the energies that facilitate the cleansing work of the Ascension Partnership Program. The Lions Gate Portal & Ascension acts as a cosmic catalyst, supercharging our intentions and efforts to break free from these old energetic ties. It becomes a period of heightened clarity, where the veils between the realms thin, allowing for a deeper, more potent connection with our soul’s essence.

For the modern priestess, this is a golden opportunity. It’s a time where her ability to bridge the terrestrial and the astral is magnified. With the combined power of the Lions Gate Portal and the Ascension Partnership Program, she can delve deeper into her spiritual journey, clearing the path of outdated contracts and reconfiguring her soul blueprint to align with her highest calling.

Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Dive deeper into your ascension path by joining the Ascension Partnership Priestess Initiations Program. Allow me to guide and support you as you harness these potent energies and reshape your spiritual destiny. Work with me and unlock your true priestess potential.

In essence, the Lions Gate Portal serves as a divine amplifier for the Ascension Partnership Program, ensuring that spiritual women, especially those treading the path of the modern priestess, can transcend limitations, renew their energetic commitments, and step confidently into their cosmic destiny.

Lions Gate Portal & Ascension | Lion Gate in Hattusa | Turkish Archaeological News
Lions Gate Portal & Ascension | Lion Gate in Hattusa | Turkish Archaeological News


A Call to Unity Consciousness for The Power Priestess: You

To ascend, to truly rise above our challenges and step into a new era, unity consciousness is the beacon. It’s the realization that every being, every atom in this universe, is interconnected. Our fates, destinies, and energies are entwined.

The Lions Gate Portal serves as a reminder of this interconnectedness. As the Egyptians of old looked up at Sirius and saw promise and rebirth, so too can we look to this celestial event as a bridge – connecting our divided world, guiding us toward a unified, ascended future.

In Conclusion

As Power Priestesses, we are the custodians of ancient wisdom, the guardians of sacred energies. The Lions Gate Portal offers us a unique opportunity to bridge the wisdom of the ancients with the potential of the future. Let’s harness its power, bridge our heart spaces, and lead our world into a unified era of ascension.


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