I seemed happy. I had a good income, status & securityand yet I was exhausted of doing life on my own. I was unfulfilled and I knew there was more; more…LOVE!

I was ready for my match.

My Story

Before I claimed my true soul-partner, I was suffering with feeling unfulfilled no matter what success I achieved. I was often tired doing this life all on my own, questioning the Divine if I was ever going to find him. Why is it so hard to just find my … soul-mate? It felt shallow, and downright embarrassing to voice it out loud. I believed I was doing something wrong, or not doing enough to be worthy of a fulfilling relationship. I asked myself frequently, if I would ever meet a guy that could see and meet me in all of who I am… All of me.

Like you, I was looking not just for a soul-mate, but for a soul partner, who is devoted to standing with me in spiritual leadership. A soul-match to my priestess power.

But grounded in the real world, in a real partnership. Each on our own path, but the paths interconnected.

Be honest,

Does your skin crawl when people talk about finding a “Twin Flame” because it’s become so pop, so superficial, so trite, and yet you know in your heart, that you are supposed to be partnered, in-depth of devotion and fully grounded in real-life leadership?

Don’t blame yourself, like I did, for needing a partner who truly meets you. That is not just your ego, your needy girl, or your codependency speaking. You are a priestess in the times of co-creation. With your beloved, you will work the highest magic of transforming this planet. Of course, it’s in the highest good that you soul-partnered.

My life completely shifted when I was brought together with my beloved. It was different than any other relationship I have had in the past. Worlds collided.

Today I am doing life with him. Having his support and “got your back” love for me to relax into has lifted me to creating my long held vision of Ascension Partnership in my work-play-life. There is a container now to lean back in to, fuel up with the love I need to carry out my purpose and rattle some cages while I’m at it. And I get to be my woo woo, powerful, leadership, strong, goofy, fall-apart self and have a consort to help me put myself back together – better. And he gets me. Our soul agreement fulfilled and ongoing with clarity, ease and flow.

Did I need a man to make me feel whole? Not at all. Did I need my soul partner to make big change in the world and not have do the heavy lifting alone AND have the intimacy, depth and trust to do it? 
Hell yes!  Oh….and meeting my pleasure quotient went way up, as well. heehee

I have a program just for you.

Why I do what I do?

I always knew, even as little girl playing football with the neighborhood boys and my brother but wearing my frilly dress and white socks and bows in my hair (lol) that girls are smart. 

I was smart. And quick. And sassy. And fun. And I talked to unicorns (shhhh – I still do).

And the boys didn’t like it when I would have a plan on how to win – and of course they wouldn’t listen to a girl in a dress playing football… and my plan was the winning plan. So our team would lose. I knew I was smart and we succeeded as a team when all could play and be heard. And I was bullied for my magic (those darn unicorns).

This is not boy bashing! I liked them then and I appreciate them more now. I also know that not all men (and womyn) are created equal, consciously speaking. 

Along the priestess power path I found that it is all about balance. 

Balancing the sacred feminine within WITH my divine masculine, The inner spirit place where the divine resides is both. 

And I fell in love with the power of love that never failed me in balancing the misalignments within, when they would show up in my outer world.

I know that…

You are MEANT to have this, too in this lifetime. Your balance and bridge in partnership in the outer world. 

But there are things in the way. In these times of chaos, change, trauma, and with your deep sensitivity to the pain and grief the world is breathing right now, of COURSE, your old blocks are in the way. They are coming to the surface for a big, purposeful reason.

● You have been tempered in this life by betrayal.

● You had to be – in order to stand as the leader you are.

● You’ve been traumatized in your soul’s history by violence.

Hey – You HAD to be – to stand now in the reclamation of the divine feminine path, but the debris of these old lessons is now gunking up your attraction force for the partner who is ordained to be yours this time.

Well, I have high clearance, Sister, just so I can help you clear the way for them to find you.

To meet you. To partner you and to make the magic you came here to create.

About Eileen and how she and Akasha joined together to create a channeled powerhouse of wisdom.

Magical moments of channeling! A soul sister and I were co-channeling and she had just met Akasha and wanted to introduce us. I was nervous! I could feel the intensity and bigness of her energy.

It was magical and fun and at times, quite serious. A few days later I was doing my morning meditation out on my deck and Akasha came to me loud and so clear! I felt so honored and loved and curious. I asked if she had any messages for me about my work and what to do with my channeling.

 She said, “Ask Akasha”.

I said, “ummm, I am”.

She said yes.

It wasn’t a question,LOL

She went on to say that I was to share my gift and her messages to the world.

Whoa. I accepted the partnership; bridging the past and future in to the Now with Ascension Coaching.

Client Testimonials

My sessions with Eileen are truly a profound experiences. I was a bit of a skeptic at first, but the channeled and intuitive information was so clearly what I had been feeling in my heart for a long time, but afraid to act on. These feelings I had not discussed with anyone. Eileen expressed to me that I needed to live a life that is emotionally congruent, and to make choices from a fearless place. My tendency is to make life decisions by what I “should” do, especially in these economic times that are based in lack or fear. Through this centering and support, I have shifted my perceptions and allowed the passion from my heart to come out. It is not always an easy journey, but I know that Eileen will be there with trusted guidance for me along the way..

Karen Gates

Keys To Be You, Health & Nutrition Coach, Conscious Cooking Chef, Reno Nevada

I have been gratefully receiving wisdom from AskAkasha since 2010 … The clarity of direction she provides is outstanding. I leave each session renewed, refreshed, laughing, and one step more whole. It’s like taking a really deep sigh in the ocean air and letting go of stuff that was never mine to carry in the first place. Thank you, Akasha, for all the gifts you have helped me see over the years … I love your work and you !!

Hollee Cummings
Hollee Cummings

Tahoe Fascia Lab

My sessions with Akasha have been deeply insightful, revealing and accurate. This an experience for those who wish to delve into the unconscious patterns and habits that may be holding us back from truly realizing our highest potential. Akasha empowered me to release toxic relationships and to create my own business. With her with Witty humor, and authentic knowledge of other realms, you will come away from your session with new inspirations and a readiness to embrace your personal and spiritual power!

Naomi Freidus
Naomi Freidus

Just Breath Massage

Always the right reflection and energy balancing at the right time. Eileen brought me deeper into my inner strength and guided me to embrace all the potentialities of my centered self, which can oftentimes be forgotten with all of life’s distractions… The channeled sessions bring together a number of seemingly disconnected things in my life and provide me with the aha! moment I need to manifest things to the next level.

My take-away is mostly a commitment to allow the messages and techniques from the session to guide me back to my higher self whenever I feel pulled off center…using the practical and insightful tools that Eileen shows me. The enLightening Bolts! are tremendously helpful! Right there when I need it, in the moment! It’s so great to have a life coach on-call for me! 🙂

Tracy Collins

Mind-Body Workout personal trainer and MFCC, Portland, ME

There are almost an endless number of positive things that I could say about my first session with Akasha. The most outstanding in my mind is that she treated me as a beloved sister who was equal in stature to her. She was there all the way with me to help me unfold into my full empowered Self and to relearn to love myself and to accept love from others, after years and lifetimes of experiencing betrayal from other “sisters”, starting with my mom and then my daughter in this life. Her intuitively channeled information is extremely clear. She was able to get to the heart of the issue within minutes, getting to the underlying root issue rather than the surface symptom. It is abundantly clear to me her heart is in the right place. She is definitely a person that you can bare your soul to and know that it is safe. The healing continues to go on and grow after the session, and following the specific homework she gave me to do was almost like doing another session in itself and I’m not even done all my homework yet!

Elizabeth Ann Bieber
Elizabeth Ann Bieber

Thank you so much! The message that came through for me was incredibly helpful and I am so grateful to you. I feel lifted, focused, and eager to listen. You are a blessing!

Julie Hamilton
Julie Hamilton

I work with women who are on the deep spiritual path as priestess, finding their sacred power and using it to enhance and grow the world in ascension leadership .

Every day, ask yourself:
What reality am I participating in
What do I want to create…
What am I contributing to create the reality, today, that I want?
To be Wayshowers of Love and to design a freer
and stronger individual and collective life.
We Ask Akasha, the Ascended Gaia.