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Ascension Partnership

The New Way To Soul-match

You are ready to have deep intimacy , feel safe in your skin, be reminded of who you are, and supported with crazy love like never before… and you are raised up so high in your power…

Yes, to attracting the right guys that fit!

The Priestess Partner Quiz helps you get clarity on your perfect soul match type so you can relax into the confidence & vision in relationships.

They’re my



They’re my

       twin flame.


   come on.

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“Wow, Eileen!  I really do know more than I think I do!”   That’s what K.K. said right after I cleared a primary heart soul contract for her. 

you can now relax into the vision of your soul aligned relationship …

I will show you how to attract that 

and more.

Are you a Spiritual Powerhouse Women wanting more 

than just another relationship  lesson to learn?

You’re deeply desiring your partner who can fully meet you, yes?  Your king to your queen.  Maybe you’ve already had a “soul mate” (or a few) and it was a hot dramatic affair, full of feels and past life memories.

But you couldn’t create together.  And it broke your heart, your yoni, and your soul all at once making you wonder if you will ever have the deep purposeful partnership you thought you showed up here on the planet to have.  

Now, if you’re looking for yet another “soul mate” – go get em tigress, – those are pretty easy to find. But if you want something deeper – your Partner in Ascension…

For that, you’ve got a bit more work to do (even though you’ve done so much dang work already!  (SO MUCH.).  There’s some very specific  initiations   to walk through before you can call in your Ascension Partner.  Let’s have a wise woman to wise woman chat, shall we?

Clearing Your Attraction Force

You are truly initiated as Priestess, and available for Ascension Partnership when you embody:

Intentional Accountability

Turn On...

Spiritual Accountability

Tune In...

Relational Accountability

EnLighten Up

Hi, I 'm Eileen

I’ve coached and cleared hundreds of women on their ascension journey over the last 25 years.  My guidance has made me really good at this!

I help powerhouse spiritual women align and attract their perfect soul-match.  I call us modern priestesses. We are deep divers, cosmic evolutionists, and know that our life is a mystery school unto itself. We have some experience in the world.  Well, lots!  Like you, I have earned my no b.s. badge and wear it with authority.  As a soul liberator that’s been in the relationship trenches – modern priestess matchmaking readiness is my genius.

About Me

What if you had a map?

Revamp Your Love Mojo into Divine Magnetism!

What if the key to attracting high-quality soul matches in love was a simple energetic makeover? You’ve already done all the dating protocols you could stomach, and the self love inner growth courses (yes they were important too), and the psychology time with relationship coaches. You’ve done the do’s, sister.  What’s left?  I will tell you so much more about the invisible to you curses, vows, agreements – we call soul contracts – and how  clearing and clarity at the root to magnetize-up your attraction factors will align you with more qualified potential partners who are naturally in sync with the grounded wise woman that you are.

That’s precisely what happens when you clear your outdated soul contracts from other timelines (and this one) and update your soul blueprint. Welcome to my incredibly powerful and potent realm Map to Your Ascension Partnership sessions. You will have a clear map to follow!  

I know what you must be thinking.  There’s no magic pill.  And, you’re right.  Or are you?  Magic is in the realm of the experience after all.  Removing the contracts at the root is a quick fix – and then there’s the unraveling.  The stresses and recalibration of your cleared timelines that come in between clearings.  When you work with me – I clear the contracts, then I guide you and provide kickass support for you through your complete journey.

I understand your skepticism, having been burned by so-called spiritual by-pass relationship gurus promising soulmate connections. But this is different.  Soul blueprint work transcends lifetimes that gets you off of that relationship hamster wheel of karmic flubbed patterning.


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