For The Priestess Ready To Call-In Her Priest WHO'S YOUR PERFECT SOUL-MATCH?

Find out who the right and perfect fit for you is.  

Your priest (or priestess) to your priestess

Ascension Partnership is different.  Deeper.  And meant for priest and priestess who are co-creators of reality, walking the earth as pretty dang conscious souls on purpose.

It is two souls collaborating as human partners to stand as leaders in the evolution of the planet and her children.

And it’s not really available to the uninitiated.

You’re a priestess, longing for the man who can meet you – your priest, your partner of depth.


Maybe you’ve already had a “soul mate” and it was a hot dramatic affair, full of feels and past life memories.

But you couldn’t create together.  And it broke your heart, your yoni, and your soul all at once

 Making you wonder if you will ever have the deep purposeful partnership you thought you showed up here on the planet to have.

And what you REALLY want – is a partner in ascension, one who shares your devotion to a path of evolution, healing, transformation.

Now, if you’re looking for yet another “soul mate” – go get em tigress, – those are pretty easy to find

They’re my



They’re my

       twin flame.



Start Your Love-Match Journey

I bet you're seen as the DIY goddess in charge and have life all figured out. I am here to tell you - it is ok to want more and be seen and met in your desires. In your longing to have the soulmate God/Goddess/ Creator. To have deep intimacy , feel safe in your skin, be reminded of who you are, and supported with crazy love like never before... oh, and yu are raised up so high in your power. No more living at the mercy of the planets, other "guru" agendas, or LOA programs. You want unshakeable peace and to live from your fulfilled center,

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Be Honest....

Does your skin crawl when people talk about finding a “Twin Flame” because it’s become so pop, so superficial, so trite, and yet you know in your heart, that you are supposed to be partnered, in-depth of devotion and fully grounded in real-life purpose?...

Programs & Services

Three Ways To Work With Me 1:1

V.I.P. Day

Clear some of the muck out of the way in one full swoop! A day to dip into working together in a bigger commitment in a program. I like to say, "this is not a spiritual facial. It's more like a shamanic open heart surgery."

Attractor Blueprint Clearing & Clarity

Four Week intensive with kick ass support in between sessions - so valuable in what I call, the unraveling that happens after deep dive clearings and initiations in this program

Modern Day Priestess Intitiation

A six month mystery school that initiates and actualizes your full attractor force not just to great soul-partners, but also to abundance and purpose like never before

Modern Priestess Matchmake-Eileen

Eileen, Ascension Partnership Coach

From corporate banker, road traveling gypsy, on-the-side intuitive reader... to full on practical enlightenment soul coach for the ascension priestess calling in her soul-match. I might help you make the path to partnership easier, more effective, and more fun. Watch. Listen. Subscribe. Receive.

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Questions & Answers

What is ascension?

Do you want the easy answer or the more complex one…hahaha… Simply, ascension is spiritual evolution, or expanded consciousness.  In these accelerated times in which we live presently, ascension awareness is key to actualizing your desires on the deepest body, mind and spirit levels.  There are and will be many dives into the “more” of ascension on my YT channel and e-news…and of course the personal ascending deeper into more are in sessions and circles with me.

Am I a modern day priestess?

Yes, indeed you are!   You are here, so yes, and I am so happy you are.  You are a an phenomenal woman realizing your power comes from more than only human existence.  You know there’s more…  more of you untapped, wanting to be unveiled and put to great purpose.  And you want your damn needs met in that higher power place.  You are not just desiring a soulmate, career or prosperity – you are longing for your more

are you saying i need a man to complete me?

HELL NO!  I am saying that if you want to do your big purpose in the world/your life you probably require to be nourished, sexed, loved, supported, AND MET in your power with someone who can hold you.  Why walk the crazy ass times we live in alone when you are meant to be partnered, and ascending through opening to more love in sacred relationship? 

How can i attract better "prospects" on my online dating (and in person)?

Oh yes!  This is some of my favorite fun stuff!  I help you find your way, your language of love that expresses your unique assets to those that can meet you. Each soul clearing removes some of the gunk that has kept you invisible no matter how visible you think you have been, or not.  You will get some of this in your intro-Map-session with me.


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