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Want to start magnetizing higher quality relationships that meet you in all of who you are?

Attract the right guys that fit.

The Priestess Partner Quiz helps you get clear on your perfect soul match type so you can relax into the confidence & vision.

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They’re my

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You made it to the right place, sister.  

You have had that inner knowing…the calling, seems like forever.

You  are meant to be deeply partnered.

You are ready to have deep intimacy , feel safe in your skin, be reminded of who you are, and supported with crazy love like never before… oh…and you are raised up so high in your power, too

You’re deeply desiring your partner who can fully meet you.  Your king to your queen.  Maybe you’ve already had a “soul mate” (or a few) and it was a hot dramatic affair, full of feels and past life memories.

But you couldn’t create together.  And it broke your heart, your yoni, and your soul all at once making you wonder if you will ever have the deep purposeful partnership you thought you showed up here on the planet to have.  

What you REALLY want is a partner who shares your devotion to a path of evolution, healing, transformation. You want to co-create a purpose sourced life together.

Now, if you’re looking for yet another “soul mate” – go get em tigress, – those are pretty easy to find. But you want something deeper – your Partner in Ascension.  

For that, you’ve got a bit more work to do (even though you’ve done so much dang work already!  SO MUCH.).  There’s some very specific initiations to walk through before you can call in your Ascension Partner.


How we do it

You are truly initiated as Priestess, and available for Ascension Partnership when you embody:

Intentional Accountability

You with your guides, allies, god

Spiritual Accountability

You on your ascension path

Relational Accountability

You with the other humans

I can help you complete this process…

in Modern Priestess Initiations

Hi, I 'm Eileen

I’ve coached and cleared hundreds of women in leadership on their ascension journey over the last 25 years.  My guidance has made me really good at this!

I help powerhouse spiritual women align and attract their perfect soul-match.  I call us modern priestess, wise-women Queens.  We have some experience in the world.  Well, lots!  Like you, I have earned my no b.s. badge and wear it with authority.  As a truth seeker, void walker, and soul liberator – modern priestess matchmaking readiness is my genius.

A modern day priestess knows who she is and keeps revealing even more of her soul source – in her business, in her relationships, in her hormonal balancing femme.  I get the invisible stuff out of her way so that authority can magnetize the upgraded soul partners to meet them in their full power.  With the muck out of the way, they attract the partners that won’t run away… cleared karmic imprints makes the Queen seen by the aligned matches. 

About Me

What if you had a map?

What if what it took for you to start attracting better quality soulmatches, in love,  was a SIMPLE tweak in your energetic makeup?

Not some complicated  dating protocol again

Not having to take another inner growth course

Not spending more money on a relationship coach

But instead – slightly shifting how you use your energy so that you can increase your attraction  and get more, higher-quality meetups with more qualified potential partners.  Ones that are innately aligned with you.

That is EXACTLY what happens when you clear your old soul contracts and update your attractor blueprint. I do these REALLY powerful and potent MAP TO YOUR ASCENSION PARTNERSHIP intro sessions.  Your cleared path revealed.  Yah, a map!

Listen – I get it. You have likely been burned way too much by “relationship gurus” telling you they will get you matched with your soulmate when in fact it’s just another self love and self growth course (and you’ve already done so much of that already!).  

This isn’t that.  You will get a kickstarter blueprint reading that shows you the way out – well, the way in really.  Soul blueprint work ripples throughout lifetimes.  I do not leave you hanging either.  You get a path forward that aligns with your truest desires being met.  I DO THIS FOR YOU! No processing necessary. 

My soul sister clients are kickin' it