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Imposter Syndrome: The Silent Vibe Killer

If there’s one feeling that constantly tries to pull us down, it’s imposter syndrome. Especially prevalent among spiritual business owners, this mindset and embodied belief keeps us from truly showing up and embracing our potential. As I often say, “the way we do one thing is the way we do everything”. Remember, the key to attracting a soul-aligned match lies in authenticity. You can’t hide behind masks and a performance image if you’re looking for a genuine connection.

Energy Update Takeaway #1: To call in your ascension partner, you need to free yourself from self-doubt. Be true, be you.



The “Who’s Your Perfect Soulmatch Archetype Quiz” and how to use the power of The Lion’s Gate Portal

Unlock the secrets to your heart with my special quiz. This isn’t your average online test. It offers deep insights, guiding you down the rabbit hole of self-knowing. By understanding who you truly are, you can attract the love that’s designed just for you – your soul aligned partner.


Energy Update Takeaway #2: Dive deep into self-awareness and magnetize your perfect soul-aligned match.



The Cosmic Tea: Embracing Your True Essence

Have you ever felt like a misfit? Like you’re pretending to be someone you’re not, especially when trying to connect with someone on a deeper level? It’s time to embrace your quirks and unique strengths. When you connect with others, make sure they see the real you, not a version clouded by doubt and hesitation.

Imposter Syndrome Takeaway #3: Being genuine is the key to establishing true connections. Embrace your quirks!



The Lion’s Gate Portal: A Bridge to the Spiritual Realm

A little Woo for You…

On August 8th, the Lions Gate, a celestial wonder, comes to it’s peak portal opening, connecting our world to the spiritual realm. This energy intensifies our connection with the universe, helping us Align Our Divine.




Lion’s Gate Takeaway #4: Tap into the cosmic energy of the Lions Gate and channel it to amplify your intentions.


The POWER Card for this week's energy update Oracle reading through the Lion's Gate Portal
The POWER Card for this week’s energy update Oracle reading: The Magical Times Empowerment Cards, by Jody Bergsma


Oracle Message for this week ‘s energy update: The Power Card

The oracle has spoken, and its message aligns perfectly with our theme for the week. Harness your internal power, understand that the most potent forces reside within you, and use them to fuel your journey.

Energy Update Takeaway#5: Your strength isn’t external; it’s within you. Recognize, embrace, and unleash the dragon.





Eileen’s Energetic “Recipe” of the Week

Harness the energy of the Lions Gate with this special energetic recipe. Using simple ingredients like

  • clear quartz,
  • sage,
  • lavender essential oil,
  • and more magic tools shared in the video,

…you can tap into your innate power and set your intentions for the celestial event.  We do the short ritual together.  Check back anytime, especially this week.

Takeaway #6: With the right tools and intentions, you can harness cosmic energy and channel it to manifest your dreams.  The expanded Lions Gate roars fiercely.



The Lion’s Gate Portal Power Mantra for the Energy Update of the Week 

Claim your power with these power mantras:
“I am aligned. I am divine. Imposter syndrome has no place in this soul of mine.”
or here’s the one I wrote down during the ritual:  “Aligned with the elements, my truth I see, my inner dragons set me free.”

Takeaway #7:  Words have power. Recite these mantras and embody their energy.



This Week's Energy Update with Eileen The Rogue Goddess through the Lion's Gate Portal
This Week’s Energy Update with Eileen The Rogue Goddess

Remember, your power lies within. Embrace it, harness it, and let your true self shine. Stay radiant, trust your path, and until next time, keep shining!

To your radiant soulshine,


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