Soul Gateway Attunements

Line Up Your Perfect Soul Match

Connect with me… say hello and tell me when is a good time for us to chat.   

In your soul-match map reading you will…

  • get your present Soul Alignment placement (where you are on your path)
  • go deeper into your quiz and assessment results (his type + your type)
  • receive an attraction factor blueprint snapshot
  • set yourself set up on your soul alignment path


***Remember to take the Priestess Partner Quiz before your session and bring your results with you when we meet.  We will be diving deeper into your perfect soulmatch attraction factors.

Initiations & Activations

First, I guide you through the Initiation Process:  

This will:

  • Release your negative attractors that draw in the wrong partners.
  • Activate your abundance attraction like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
  • Clear blocks, curses, agreements and vows that have been holding you back in every area of your life, and making you invisible to your priest.
  • Initiate your highest partnership blueprint.
  • Clarify your soul’s purpose, and your sacred path to fulfill it.
  • Heal past betrayals, from this life and previous times.
  • Release the debris of past relationships to make space for your Ascension Partner to arrive.
  • Give you the permission you require  you to enjoy the newly upgraded options of men that will be pouring into your life – so you can date, and try on the higher quality, while you pick and choose what characteristics you enjoy, as you get closer to your Ascension Partner showing up.

You are truly initiated in your Soul Blueprint and available for Ascension Partnership when...

And then you are ready for the Activation Process

This will:

  • Clear that strange feeling of “I can’t have a relationship like that” from every cell in your body, leaving you Knowing that He is on his way (or here!).
  • Activate the spirit team of your Partnership that is coming.
  • Release all remaining holds on your personal power as a priestess.
  • Complete the lessons you had with your parents that were holding you back in partnership.
  • Reveal the real-life practices that activate your body with the PLeasure Attractors that draw him in fast.
  • Partner with your Divine so you never feel alone again.
  • You’ll feel supported, connected, and so in love – even before you meet – such that your meeting will be like an “Oh Duh there you are” experience of validation and relief.

ADVANCED LEVEL: We can Activate your Attraction Force that draws in your Ascension Partnership

Generally I work one-to-one with women, guiding them through this process over 1-6 months…

I’m also open to working with 2-3 women together (priestess pod) over the course of 13 months.  This an amazing journey that realy strengthens the Initiations and enhances the Activations when you are alongside a sister or two.  Moving through the Attunements entire process in sisterhood support is up front and personal to be clearing the betrayals, competition and comparison sacred femme karmic imprints through timelines – together!  Whoa.

Soul-Match Maps, Ascension Readings and Soul Contract Clearing Sessions

are always evolving!  

The Higher Love Collective is happening and doors will opening soon to join

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Program Investments

the always evolving ways to work with me

V.I.P. Day

You will drop in to your Soul Blueprint as we go through your Akashic Records to find your unique way to navigate the crazy accelerated ascension times we live. Getting your Spirit connection, your Body Wisdom, and your Big Mama landing gear lined up so you can start attracting your heart's desires to you . Your attractor factors are waiting to get updated from timelines ago!

Clarify the type of guy who fits you.
Partner with your Divine masculine
Fing your stepping stone to your innate power grid
Learn your Modern Goddess Power Type so you can describe yourself to others, including potential love interests.

* Walk away with ways to uh hem "weed out" the best potential matches.

* Align with your spirit Guides to feel the support of the Universe in your dating/relationship journey.

Learn how I might help you make the path to partnership easier, more effective, and more fun.

Attractor Bluprint Clearing & Clarity

5 Week Program An intensive gets the muck out of the way for good. This makes your energy clearer to cleanse and then activate your attractor force.  Then you can clarify your attractor blueprint.  This Process Will:

💃Get you deeply connected to your innate sacred feminine wisdom

💔Release your negative attractors that draw in the wrong partners.

💞Clear some of the blocks, curses, agreements and vows that have been holding you back in every area of your life, and making you invisible to your right fit.

💕Initiate your highest partnership blueprint. *Kickass Support in fifteen minute "enLightening Flashes" on-the-go-coaching 24/7 access. It's kickass support to hold you in your power through the unravelling in between sessions.

***What's App ***

No BS, direct transmissions to empower and support you in breakdown before the breakthrough mode, and simply to know you are not on this path alone. I don't just leave you hanging after soul deep dives. It's how I roll.

Initiations & Activations

6 MONTH PRGRAM Move through ALL of the initiations with massive full-on soul contract clearing sessions, unlimited kickass support throughout the program, Ceremony and ritual days.

You get super clear on your patterns, habits, and gunk. The ascension attunements are soul gateways where your blocks show up - and we clear them. *Advanced level soul gateway clearings are done in the Activation Program.


6 MONTH ADVANCED LEVEL Now you are ready to participate at your highest level of contributing consciously, in your accelerated ascension process for the aligned soul match. Activating your attraction force like never before. through the 13 Soul Attunements. Living Your Light like never before.


***Ready for your Biggest POWER YEAR ever? 13 Months $22,555

Ascension Partnership

Let's Map It Out To Get You Going...

Connect with me  to get lined up in the  session program that would best fit your ascension path right now.  PSSST: you’ll get a cool mini Ascension Reading, too.

My Priestess Clients are kickin' it!



Clearing Modern Priestesses to Unlock Your Divine Mojo: Find Your Soul Match & Align With Your Divine Power Source



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