Energy Update: Grief and Community

In this week’s Energy Update: Grief and Community, we dive deep into the intense and transformative energies sweeping through our lives. The Osho Zen Tarot’s Thunderbolt Card serves as our guide, helping us navigate the challenging waves of grief as destruction that many are experiencing globally. While these emotions are overwhelming and difficult to bear, they bring with them the potential for community and healing.

Powerful Energy Update: Grief, Rebirth, and the Tower Card
Powerful Energy Update: Grief, Rebirth, and the Tower Card


The Thunderbolt Oracle Card

As we explore the Energy Update: Grief and Community  with the Thunderbolt (traditionally The Tower)  Card’s message, we’ll uncover its connection to the collective grief arising from recent global disasters, such as the devastating fire in Lahaina, Maui. Through the lens of this card, we’ll understand how these events represent a larger cleanse happening on a spiritual level—a call for an emotional cleansing and a chance to let go of outdated stories, attachments, and desires.


Akasha’s Message – Unity Consciousness

In this video, I also channel insights from Akasha, reminding us that denial is no longer an option in the face of ongoing global crises. We are called to bridge the divide between Spirit and our human existence and heal our suffering hearts. With a focus on community, love, and the strength of the Leo heart center, we can move forward as a collective and truly remember what unites us all.

We’ll also discuss practical tools and techniques to help you move through stuck emotions, from simple body movements to the transformative Buddhist Tonglen meditation. By learning to process these emotions, we can create space for new wisdom and soul gifts to emerge.


This Week’s Energy Update: Grief and Community – how it works

This week’s energy update is not just about exploring the depths of our grief and the collective’s challenges but about finding hope and strength in the face of adversity. We’ll uncover how to harness these powerful energies for rebirth, growth, and the building of a more connected world.

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As you watch, you’ll be inspired to connect with your inner warrior, unite with others, and actively participate in healing the wounds of our world. Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with the transformative energies that await you.  


Let’s do this together and get Clearing and Clarity of your Soul Purpose and your role in bridging the great divide.



In Love & Power,

Eileen The Rogue Goddess


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