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Align The Divine:  Ascension Process Update



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Part 1: Embrace the Unconventional – Aquarius Energies:

Aquarius, the cosmic visionary and ascension wayshower, beckons us to embrace change and think outside the box. The Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates our path, encouraging us to explore new perspectives, break free from limitations, and delve into the depths of our truest selves. This week, let us dance freely to the rhythm of our soul’s unique expression.

Part 2: Celebrate Your Radiance – Leo Sun Energies:

With the radiant Sun in Leo, it is time to take center stage in the grand theater of life. Unleash the brilliance of your authentic self and let your creativity soar. You are the star of your own show, and the world eagerly awaits your shining light. Embrace the cosmic dance and celebrate the magic that resides within you.

Part 3: Lion’s Gate – Awaken to Timelessness:

As we approach the Lion’s Gate, an ascension portal opens to higher realms and diverse timelines. This cosmic dance aligns with the transformative energies of Aquarius and Leo, propelling us toward a timeless existence. Surrender to divine timing and trust that your ascension partner will come into your life at the perfect moment.

Part 4: Oracle of the Week – Chop Wood (Wisdom of The Oracle):

The wisdom of the “Chop Wood” card from Colette Baron-Reid’s Wisdom of The Oracle deck reminds us to find meaning in simplicity and stay grounded in our daily tasks. As we embrace the cosmic dance, cherish the small moments of connection and love with your partner. Embrace the simple acts of support that create a strong foundation for your ascension journey together.

Chop Wood - the Oracle Card for your ascension process this week
Chop Wood – the Oracle Card for your ascension process this week

Energy Recipe for the Week:

???? Cosmic Ascension Process Dance Ingredients:

  • 1 cup of Open Communication
  • 1 tablespoon of Self-Love and Self-Appreciation
  • A pinch of Trust in Divine Timing
  • 1 teaspoon of Joy in Little Things
  • 1 tablespoon of Spiritual Exploration in Partnership

???? Ascension Process Instructions:

  1. Mix Open Communication with vulnerability and honesty. Express your desires, dreams, and the journey you wish to embark on with your potential partner, friends, and whomever you are connecting with. Celebrate your individuality and honor each other’s uniqueness.

  2. Embrace Self-Love and Self-Appreciation. Understand that you are a powerhouse spiritual woman on a divine mission.  Make an energetic space  to call in a partner, and other relationships who cherishes and supports your journey.

  3. Add a Pinch of Trust in Divine Timing. Surrender to the flow of the universe and trust that your  more aligned soul-matches and community will arrive at the perfect moment.

  4. Stir in Joy in Little Things. Celebrate the simple acts of love and support that contribute to your ascension process journey together.

  5. Sprinkle Spiritual Exploration in your relationships – especially in potential ascension partnerships. Encourage growth and spiritual exploration within your connection. Support each other’s quests for self-discovery and evolution.

  6. Blend the ingredients together with gratitude and an open heart. Embrace the magic of the cosmic dance in yourself and in your outer reality.


Power Mantra for the Cosmic Dance:

This power mantra encapsulates the essence of the Lions Gate, Full Moon, and Sun energies, empowering you to awaken your truest potential and dance in harmony with the universe on your ascension path.

As you repeat this mantra, feel the surge of energy coursing through you, igniting your soul’s expansion and guiding you on your ascension path – evolving in the expansion of who you are. Embrace the magic of this cosmic dance and allow its rhythmic flow to carry you towards profound alignment with your higher self and divine purpose.


Now, repeat after me…


“I am the change, the uniqueness, and the timeless flow. With Aquarius as my guide, I embrace transformation and explore new horizons. In the light of Leo, I celebrate my authentic self, shining brightly in every endeavor. As the full force of the Lion’s Gate approaches, I align with higher frequencies, awakening to my truest potential. Within the tapestry of time and space, I honor the moon’s phases and cosmic earth wisdom, finding harmony in diverse timelines and gaze of the sun. I am one with the cosmic dance, embracing my soul-aligned life with grace and ease.”


There you have it.  How to have more ease and flow in your ascension process this week

In conclusion for the  energy update for this week, I invite you to embrace the magic of the cosmic dance. Celebrate your authenticity, honor your uniqueness, and trust in the unfolding of divine timing. Together, we are expanding new horizons, awakening to our highest potential, and creating a world where we dance freely in the rhythm of our souls in our ascension process.

May this week be filled with boundless cosmic love and earth mama blessings as we align with our divine and call in our heart’s desires.  Of course, ascension partnership, too!

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To Your Ascension Process, cosmic sister- with big love,

Eileen The Rogue Goddess

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