Born to bridge the worlds

I’m Eileen Coates, I  sacredly channel. And I have a passion for bridging the gaps that often separate us from our true purpose, our cosmic team, and the collective heart space we all share. 

What truly gets my goat (I have a goat?) is the disconnect between “I” and “us,” the gap in consciousness from individual thinking to collective navigation.  I’m including myself here, just in case you were wondering.  We’re not just individuals; we’re part of a larger family – Earth and Spirit. We all have a purpose, a reason for being here, and I believe in bridging the separation between our individual selves and the collective heart space we’re all a part of to evolve together, in the direction our future selves is guiding us.  Here is a short LIVE I did, I Am We“.

When we align ourselves through our hearts and connect with both our Earth Mother and our cosmic team (our higher self, the divine, God/dess, the universe, our guides), that’s when things like the natural Law of Attraction and Laws Of Harmony (nature) can truly work for us. We draw the right relationships, the path to success, and even our soul-aligned circles, experiences and clients into our lives when we let  the magic ignite our souls.  And there is my brilliance of Ascension Partnership, too!

"Women are the architects of unity, weaving threads of connection through the spaces that divide, and illuminating the path to higher realms of understanding and love." Channeling Women's Empowerment Circle with Akasha, 1997

Serving humanity's evolution by supporting people to fully connect, embody and integrate their Divine Humanness.

Growing up at the beach and boardwalk (I loved the fortune tellers – duh) I learned the art of sacred ceremonies, tuning in and gained mad respect for listening to the elements and tuning in to the ebbs and flows of the ocean tribe..

The “in-between” became my vantage point of seeing multidimensionally.  Yes, I see things a little differently than most.  Like all the worlds at once! Through the highs and lows of college, marriage, divorce, and ongoing shenanigans following the Grateful Dead in my father’s chevy van (don’t ask)I discovered that healing happens in the Gap. Amongst my adventures, I juggled jobs like corporate training in banking (gasp!) and running my own accounting gig while moonlighting as an intuitive channeling goddess guide. Who said you can’t mix cosmic wisdom with spreadsheets?

Now, I’m not just a lifelong learner; I’m a certified knowledge junkie and soul sleuth, always itching to share the latest ascension discoveries and new pathways.  I’m a super Pisces empath with an Aquarius twist, making me an official mad scientist of the human spirit.

I’ve always been drawn to the “different”, oddballs, the rule-breakers, and the ones who don’t fit the cookie-cutter mold. Like You – who knows there’s more and wants to break out of the old paradigm.  When faced with the status quo, I go rogue faster than you can say “levitate.”

And guess where this wild journey led me?

Right here, with you, on this rollercoaster ride of higher consciousness,  soul power and purpose, and on a mission to bridge gaps, heal hearts, and crank up the unity dial.

We are awakening to the ever evolving, always expanding, new codes and gateways to unraveling the Divine Humane.   This right here is my jam.


The Magic Is In The Gap…

I believe in you! Profoundly and unconditionally. I’ve witnessed  Divine Human potential, that spark within  that just needs that one little shift to set it ablaze…  I practice what I preach here  And yah, I fall of the awareness wagon, too.

I stay attuned to my inner and outer natural worlds by allowing the shifts in the Gap…

🪄 It’s the shift that reactivates the natural laws of attraction and laws of cause and effect, drawing positivity and purpose into your life.

🌟 It’s the shift that reignites your trust, opening you to receive the abundance and wisdom the universe holds for you.

💫 It’s the shift that allows you to embrace pleasure, finding joy in the simple and profound.

💡 It’s the shift that lets you shine, illuminating your unique soul purpose for the world to see.

Would you like to travel within your own timelines, get clear on your purpose, attract your soul aligned relationships, work, and health?

Clear your way with me…  and bridge the Divides.

Let Me Know you want to have an Align Your Divine chat with me.