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Your Soul Mate may well drive you mad. Choose an Ascension Partner instead.

“Eileen was leading a dual life – a corporate banker during the week, and a Grateful Dead-following psychic reader on the weekends. Eventually, she couldn’t resist her deep calling to focus on her genius gift as a healer, an energetic clearing agent of the Akashic records that represents the karmic contracts that keep us all bound and restricted from prosperity and love. She is an expert in clearing the blocks that keep spiritual powerhouse women from finding their Ascension Partnership – the man who can meet them, hold them, and support their growth together.”

Meet Eileen...

Don’t blame yourself, like I did, for needing a partner who truly gets it. That is not just your ego, your needy girl, or your codependency speaking.

You are a badass sacred Queen in the times of co-creation. With your beloved, you will work the highest magic of transforming this planet. Of course, it’s in the highest good that you are soul-partnered.  You have the calling.

Like you, I was looking not just for a soul-mate, but for a soul partner, who is devoted to standing with me in spiritual leadership. A priest to my priestess. The king to my queen.  But grounded in the real world, in a real partnership. Each on our own path, but the paths interconnected.

Can you relate?


Before I claimed my true soul-partner, I was suffering with feeling unfulfilled no matter what success I achieved. I was often tired doing this life all on my own, questioning the Divine if I was ever going to find him. 

Why is it so hard to just find my … soul-mate? 

It felt shallow, and downright embarrassing to voice it out loud. I believed I was doing something wrong, or not doing enough to be worthy of a fulfilling relationship.  Yet, I knew I was “supposed” to be – not by society standards ot because it was the “way”.  I simply knew.

I asked myself frequently, if I would ever meet a guy that could see and meet me in all of who I am… All of me and not run away because I was too much, or not enough. 

It became real that I expected every next date, guy, meet-up to be the same as the all the other ones.  

My Life Completely Changed When We Were Brought Together


It was different than any other relationship I have had in the past. Worlds collided.

Today I am doing life with my Consort.  Having his support and his “got your back” love for me to relax into has lifted me to creating my long held vision of Ascension Partnership in my work-play-life. Now I get to fuel up with the love I need to carry out my purpose And I get to rattle some cages while I’m at it. I am my woo, powerful, leadership, strong, goofy, fall-apart self and have a him to help me put myself back together when needed. He gets me. And he’s not afraid.

Now…Did I need a man to make me feel whole and to be happy?   Not at all. 

 I loved my life.  Worked hard – HARD – to get healthy, fit, to finally running my own accounting business, successfully.

Then it hit me…

Did I require a soul partner for me to make big change in the world and not have to do the heavy lifting alone AND have the juiced up intimacy, depth and trust to do it? I wanted the alignment to make my purpose happen.  A togetherness.

HECK YAH!  I want that!

I know that...

You are MEANT to have this, too in this lifetime. Your balance and bridge in partnership in the outer world. 

But there are things in the way. In these times of chaos, change, trauma, and with your deep sensitivity to the pain and grief the world is breathing right now, of COURSE, your old blocks are in the way. They are coming to the surface for a big, purposeful reason.

You have been tempered in this life by betrayal.

You had to be – in order to stand as the leader you are.You’ve been traumatized in your soul’s history by violence.

 Hey – yes you HAD to be – to stand now in the reclamation of the divine feminine path, but the debris of these old lessons are now gunking up your attraction force for the partner who is ordained to be yours this time.

Let’s talk, sister.  



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I’m Eileen, The Soul Liberator


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