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Your Soul Mate may well drive you mad.⁣⁠
Choose an Ascension Partner instead.⁣⁠
You know me – I don’t like stuff that’s all WOO and no ROOTS.⁣⁠
I don’t like spiritual stuff if it distracts us from acting responsibly.⁣⁠
Spiritual bypass makes me mad.⁣⁠
So when I heard about Ascension Partnership with Eileen Coates,⁣⁠
I breathed a sigh of relief.⁣⁠
I’m sorry but so much spiritual dating stuff is feathery romance with no blood and guts.⁣⁠
Find your One Twin Flame (ew)⁣⁠
Re-connect with your Soul Mate (cmon)⁣⁠
Fall in love with your Twin Spirit (wha?)⁣⁠
I’m not buying it. ⁣⁠
Love and partnership are not just soul matters.⁣⁠
They are matters of dedication, decision, devotion, responsibility, communication, showing the F up.⁣⁠
The soul doesn’t dictate those things.⁣⁠
Humans do.⁣⁠
So, yah, I want a feeling of soul connection with my beloved.⁣⁠
But that part’s easy.⁣⁠
I also want a man who has cultivated his own spirit, his health, his balance⁣⁠
So he can freaking show up in the real world for a real woman. Me.⁣⁠
Ascension Partnership⁣⁠
So how do you call in such a grounded badass love?⁣⁠
💡  Turn On. You clear your own shit, get your own mojo pumping.⁣⁠
📡  Tune in.  You tap your desire and her magic, knowing what you want in BOTH worlds.⁣⁠
🔥  Enlighten Up.  You tune your Attraction Frequency to what you’re ready for, what you’re calling in.⁣⁠
This is what I’m learning with my friend, client, and colleague, Eileen Mary Coates .⁣⁠
And today, on Channel Your Genius podcast.⁣⁠
She’s spilling the beans on how it all works.⁣⁠

Here’s Mellissa Seaman  interviewing me.  Short and sweet,  from a few years ago.  Sidenote:  Mellissa is my Soul Business mentor and became a client in Ascension Partnership initiation and Activation Programs.  

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