What Priestess Power Gift Are You?

OK,  there are four of the Priestess-Partner archetypes in my quiz system (you can take my Priestess-Partner Quiz here).  I hope you are along for the ride on this concept, because I really do see us as power-priestesses, especially when we are open and allowing partnership to happen!

Well today, I want to share with you what type of Power-Priestess you may be bringing through.


First though, what do I mean Power Priestess?

I know.  many people think that strong, independent, powerhouse women have it all together and don’t need help.  In addition that they are happy being on their own.

But I think that’s nonsense.

There is a part of truth to it though, the being on your own part.  For example…

  • when finding out who you are after a breakup
  • working out co-dependency and other relation-shit
  • discovering what kind of life balance works

And…there is always help.  You are not alone – I think you already know that intellectually.  But how often do you really ask for help?

More importantly, when you do ask for help in whatever capacity, how likely are you let it in?



Power is what downloads into us, and moves through us, when we have our very BEST confidence and service in the world!  Power is innate.  Natural even.  WHEN WE ARE NOT IN OUR OWN WAY.



But what type of Power is flowing through YOU?  Let’s find out. Cause it’s different for different women.

Just like you know your soul-partner type from the Priestess-Partner Quiz  it’s helpful also to know what kind of Priestess Power you are sourcing yourself in.

I mean knowing yourself intimately is key to attracting your soul-partner.  Tracking where you source yourself from is a soul centering dynamic.  Best to know who you are in order to attract your right and perfect vibing soul-match.  Do you agree?



cosmic empress


cosmic empress



Empress –   Guided by the elements/nature/animals – she represents the misunderstood and the mistreated both present day and in other lifetimes. She is a fierce protector of the underdog and is driven to keep them safe. She is an Earth Wisdom Keeper, a Witch Priestess.


cosmic empath


cosmic empath


Madame  – Guided by her empathing – she is a mystical bridge between the seen and unseen worlds channeling information, creating beauty and harmony through her work…She weaves by feeling deeply things others cannot and is not afraid of the dark. She is a natural See’er Priestess..


cosmic diva


cosmic diva


Diva –  Guided by her intuitive solutions – She is a wonderful source of inspiration when she’s on. She expresses herself on point and is not shy by any means.  She is passionate about her a legacy/fame.  She is a Warrioress in all her finesse Priestess.



cosmic queen


cosmic queen


Queen  –   Guided by her intellect – she is a woman who has self-confidence, self-respect, and hella swagger. She knows who she is and exactly where she is going. She is a great strategizer and sought out for her leadership. Her style and attitude are on point.  OOO yes a fun, clever Trickster Muse.




I bet you can guess which priestess power  you are best at already, and I wonder if you realize that you can LEARN how to embody more of these types of power!

Do I have you intrigued yet as to which primary power type you are today?

Yes, the above descriptions are  broad overview, a dip into each of the Priestess Power types.  There is soooo much more (like, loads more – we have deep assets and characteristics… too many to put here – maybe I will write a book someday).

Oh priestess,   I know at this point you might be getting even MORE curious about yourself!

That said, some of you have been asking about your Priestess-Partner Quiz results and noticing that you feel you have a desire in you to attract your soul-partner and that you are more ready now than ever.  Hey I get it.  Sometimes it may feel like a confession, like being a closet woo cosmic romantic that can be seen as weak in the patriarchal condition we have survived all this time.   But the times they are a changing.  I am woman hear me roar.



Yep, and there’s MORE…


Now I tell you you’ve got a priestess type too?  First you received your soul-match type.   You know what kind of partner to call forth.  Then that you have a perfect-fit-Ascension-Path that describes what type of Power likely suits you best in work and play, and family… and yes, sister, in romantic relationships.  Secondly, (or thirdly?) you have a unique purpose that your life has been leading you to. Yes. You have all this cool stuff that makes you unique.  And I would love to hear about it!

Please write me back – yes, seriously write me back! What do you think?   I want to know what Power Priestess you resonate with most.  As I learn more about these types myself I get a deeper understanding of how they are connected with your deeper desires when we work together in your ascension partnership.

Let me know something you found helpful and resonated with, and something that maybe didn’t feel true for you.

Big Love, Love- 

Ascension Partnership

What Priestess Power Gift Are You?

OK,  there are four of the Priestess-Partner archetypes in my quiz system (you can take my Priestess-Partner Quiz here).  I hope you are along for

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