To Be or Not To Be An Empowered Empath

As if there’s a choice.

Being and empath is a blessing and a curse. Speaking as an empath and operating more from my feeling
center than thinking center, these are some observations about how to live as an empath and to
see if you relate or not. Once you own your empath-self you become empowered, and you can
then decide how to proceed with your gift. It can be tricky, however.

First, what is an empath?
There are many perceptions on this topic. The dictionary says,

em·path: ˈempaTH/
noun: empath; plural noun: empaths

  1. a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental or emotional state of another individual.

    LOL, this definition sounds like a science fiction movie.
    I sense an empath is, yes, feeling what others are feeling, thinking, and experiencing…it’s like they (the other humans) are off-gassing (yeah I went there) and wofting their energy in our direction.  But they are not aware they are doing it -and it is not on purpose.

    The question is, “HOW?”.

    It is a knowingness beyond the five senses. You may have heard of the sixth sense? On my journey I have many senses beyond the five senses, so the sixth makes sense that it is where the empath and intuitive talent lives. It is the next human sense to explore and develop, according to science and the advancing of our DNA.

A blessing or a curse?
Both. It is a blessing to be able to “tune in” to another (with permission), or to spirit, or to our animals, trees, mother earth, energies. This is where you can help, heal, guide, assist, take care of, and understand where another is coming from, right? However, there is a difference between absorbing and observing.  As an intentional empowered empath you get to regulate your energy field, when you are on and when you are off.  This takes lots of practice and upgrading in your awareness tracking ability.

When we are identifying with another’s energy we may take on that energy and unconsciously, relate to it. It then becomes ours – or so we think. It may be where certain addictions, depression, even pain in the body is sourced from. Professional intuitive empaths can track these varying vibrations so you can (how many times of heard this one…) let go.

Being tuned in to yourself as an empath, first, is key to observing energy without taking on the energies you are observing. By observing, to an empath, is still feeling the energies of another, yet not taking on those energies. It is a conscious and constant practice to succeed at being able to truly observe from the sixth sense and not take on energies that are not yours.

Being and empath versus feeling empathy
Being an empath is something you come to know. You sense things differently, usually more deeply than many. You may know things and say things to others without really knowing why you say it or where it came from. At first, you may feel silly and apologize for not knowing what you are talking about. Until… you hear that you are right on target or, “how did you know?”… repetitively. Yes! You are on to something. This is where owning your true self comes into play. When you claim your empath talent, your sixth sense as a knowing, and then you trust this intuition, you have arrived at your Empowered Empath title.

Then there’s the ability to feel empathy. Everybody has this ability. It is a learned skill in the world. To put yourself in someone else’s shoes, so to speak. It brings in imagination, and usually, a shared experience that you can relate to.

Sense the difference? You may and you may not. If you know what I am talking about you may be a natural intuitive empath, and you may be empowered already! It is not good or bad to be or not to be an empath. It is more about knowing who you are so you can build on your strengths and design your life more easily, and of course, to use your gifts in your highest purpose.

If you were born an intuitive-empath
You may have been born as a Highly Sensitive Person as an empath. An intuitive-empath is a highly, HIGHLY sensitive person. This can be great, a huge advantage for being in service and
relationships. BUT first, skills!​

 get empowered to stop feeling like a victim or fearing energy vampires
 know who you are as a spirit having a human experience
 no more worrying about your emotional and mental health
 start living with more emotional, mental, and spiritual health
 put yourself first, in a healthy and appropriate way
 fill up with your light – boundaries and limits do not necessarily bring empaths true
mental and spiritual healing
 use your “live your light*” techniques to clean, cleanse and protect you automatically
from energetic garbage.
 Start eating and living juicy, naturally balanced and free
 Let your empath’s aura shine! And without having to work hard, anymore.

From Empath to Change Agent
All in all, an Empowered Empath goes from empath to agent of change. Owning who you are as
a highly sensitive being, knowing who you truly are as a sixth sense intuitive feeler, and being ok
with being not like others (perhaps a sense of not belonging), makes you a catalyst for the light.
The world needs more light bringers and an Empowered Empath is an extaordinarily dynamic
portal for that light to expand the consciousness and health of the planet and all of her

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turn on, tune in, inlighten up! Oh, and have fun!
*Live Your Light techniques are a part of your  sessions with Eileen

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