Introducing Eileen Mary Coates'...

The Power of Your

Soul Blueprint


Take overwhelm and confusion out of maneuvering these crazy ass times and bring your attraction force to the next level

The Power

of Your Divine Blueprint Masterclass is designed to help you create a deeper connection with your attraction force, unlock its full potential, and achieve greater success and fulfillment in your personal and professional life.

Do you know why so many relationships, businesses, health programs and personal success journeys fail?

Many do not work no matter how we work at it.

And here’s why …

It’s extremely difficult to find  stability, meaningful connection and spiritual fulfillment without working in partnership with the Divine.

It becomes even tougher when you bypass your intuition in favor of popular processes and pressures. The inevitable happens again and again… 

Imposter Syndrome leads to not trusting yourself and has you questioning whether you have a chance at the success and fulfillment you seek.  You know, to do “it” all the right way. 

Deep down you know there's more...

You’ve always dreamed of your inner vision being reflected in your outer reality.  That successful abundance that takes your life to new and higher vibrations – creating your fulfilled life.

So you spend hours and maybe hundreds – even thousands – investing and practicing law of attraction techniques.   Yet, you feel stuck in your manifesting and long for something more.

You’re frustrated because no matter how many courses you take, ‘frameworks’ you follow, or years you’ve been in abundance practices, you struggle to find fulfillment or purpose in your day-to-day life. 

Here’s the truth: if you don’t have a relationship with your Divine and treat Her as a living entity – and a partner – nothing will bring you the success you seek. 

It’s time to stop feeling stuck, unfulfilled and lost and answer the call for a different way…  stand tall in your power with  the new way to LOA (Law Of Attraction)

The Power Of Your Soul Blueprint Masterclass

5 Weeks of Attunements with Eileen to Take the Overwhelm out of navigating these crazy ass times and bring your Attraction Force to the next level.


June 12th  thru July 15th, 2023 on Wednesdays from 4:44 pm PT

*all calls will be recorded.

Eileen’s first-ever in-depth soul blueprint training is designed to help you apply metaphysical principles and practices to key areas that impact your life success, including mindset, magic, maneuvering, and manifesting. 

During each Attunement session meeting, Eileen will lead a teaching session on each topic, while also answering your most pressing questions about your soul power. Drawing upon her hard-won knowledge as the corporate trainer and banker and trusted consultant to fortune 500 companies, all while starting her own spiritual based businesses for the past 20+ years, Eileen will provide insights, tools, and strategies to help you get into the energetic alignment to make the best decisions for your personal and business life. 

Additionally, you’ll receive weekly worksheets with reflection questions, exercises, and supplemental resources to support your expansion and growth.

What’s Included In This Totally New Way To LOA

Welcome Vision Journey with Eileen

You’re making a big step forward to align or discover a thriving, soulful, successful life and Eileen wants to acknowledge the courageous and soul-led step you’re making! Find out what to expect and how you can prepare for the five week journey together.

Weaving Your Dream Day Journal

So much more than a worksheet, this is your daily personal blueprint to get grounded in your power and create your day, help you understand WHY you're here, and prepare you for an "on purpose" day, confident in who you are to boot!