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Let’s remove the core blocks you have to love – from whichever lifetime it first occurred. That’s right – we go the original place and time when the vow/promise/declaration/contract was made.  But first, who are you looking for, deeply and true, on a soul level…

Ascension Sister Community  

Let’s talk about it, sister.  Right here, right now.  We have a supportive, semi-private group for your Priestess Presence to clear the way for your beloved to come in.

Women of Vision

Map Your Priestess Power Path to Your Beloved

When you are ready to invest in yourself in the Mystery School of the Priestess Power Path you’ll know it. You will want more…because you know that what you see in the outer world is not all there is.  You are feeling the pull to dive deeper in to the cavern of your soul and the presence you reign. To be the sovereign being you are meant to be, and to be partnered with you divine soul-partner so you can not just satisfy your ascension contract with each other, but more than that… to do your paradigm shifting work in the human world.

Let’s map your path to your more, sister…



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