Vibrational Commitment to manifest your desires

Many people consistently complain about not getting something; about not achieving their goals; and about all the obstacles and problems that make their life “oh so difficult”. These people would immediately quit complaining the moment they realized that: we don’t get what we want; we only get what we are 100 percent committed to.  Vibrationally.

In other words, unless you are fully committed vibrationally to your desire, you may not bring your desires into reality.  For the purpose of simplicity, whenever you I am talking about commitment, I mean vibrational commitment.  I hope you are cool with that.

The magic happens when you fully (and vibrationally, remember) commit to anything meaningful and worthwhile.   

The problem is that you may never really fully commit or let go of doing life the same old way.  What you see as “commitment” may be simply being  “interested” in something, and that just isn’t enough when you are on the path of  being and living your soul purpose.  When you are in a manifesting phase you want what you want.  When looking to Call-Him-In you want your true soul match.

Have you asked yourself how committed are you to seriously, calling-him-in?  

Really what that means is, how committed vibrationally are you to…

  • having what you want,
  • and more importantly.. to You”.

Commitment goes beyond “merely being interested” in something. To commit to something means blocking out other possible alternatives while focusing all your attention and efforts onto your clear desire and dream. It means clearing and removing the blocks that keep you from your manifestion. This is important because this “focus of attention” provides a sense of certainty that specific outcomes will be realized.  So, taking the steps toward confidence that you can have, will have, deserve to have…your desires happen. 

Energy flows where attention goes.

What you focus on grows. Whatever is the focus of attention becomes more prominent. It’s one of those “hidden in plain sight” concepts; almost too obvious to sometimes fully grasp and consistently apply.

When you commit to your inner Divine (Your Light), you make an important decision to burn your bridges and pursue one clear path towards your desired destination.  However, in order to get to that end destination you need dedication, patience, discipline, confidence and a willingness to get out of your own way and to do whatever it takes despite difficulties, discomfort and the inconveniences you will experience along your journey. In fact, commitment is all about being proactive, task oriented and accountable, never backing down no matter what problems may arise.

Now, I agree that THAT sounds way academic, even institution-ish.  Ew.

So, let me put it into “light code” hahahaha

Instead of focusing on how to commit to something, your goals, health, income, family, soul-partnership…  firstly, let’s look at your vibration.

It’s beneficial to set yourself up for success, yes?  

By vibrationally committing…

  • you experience increased levels of focus – this is upping your frequency
  • comes a single-minded purpose  – yet this expands  your consciousness
  • you gain improved ability to spot opportunities – this brings enthusiastic motivation (which we all need)
  • you have the impetus to take more risks and chances along your journey – yay!  An adventure to look forward to

You do this because in your mind there are no other possibilities or alternate paths. You therefore either make this work, or you go back to the way things were (and get the same results you’ve been getting no matter what you do-do-do)). However, when you’re committed you don’t quit, you move through the fears (lack, loneliness etc…) no matter how they may show up in the inner and outter worlds. 

Why will you show up?  Because it freakin’ feels good, and dang it, Sister… when the desire is finally called in!  Yeah, man-ifested feels pretty awesome too.

Is fulfilling your dreams and arriving at your intended destination worth the risk? If your answer is yes, then let’s get on a call to see how we can you vibrationally attuned.  Click here to get on a call with me.


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