Soul-Mate Triggers As Relationship Goals
Pull The Trigger

The title says it all lol. Well, except for what I have to say here in this transmission.  Relationship goals work.  Knowing where you are at in your relationship or where you were in past ones is key.

This is what showed up when I tuned in to my day this morning.  Spontaneous “cawfee tawlks”  is what I do with myself.  I know, you can take the girl out of Jersey..yadda yadda yadda.  

Soul-mate triggers as relationship goals

Soulmates show up in our lives, yes. They bring lessons to us that they agreed to uphold FOR us and to reflect TO us. These “reflections” usually, trigger us, irritate us, and wear on us. Then we move on in one way or another:

-we STAY in the relationship, unfulfilled, unhappy, unmet

-we end or leave the relationship

-we create (sometimes unconsciously) him leaving us

The more triggers there are the stronger the lesson – and the more repetition of the soul contract playing out. The triggers in cumulation are clues from your Spirit that there is an agreement playing out… AGAIN!

It’s a soul thang. And it can be lightened up!

The difference with an Ascension Partner

… is that we stay.  We are supposed to be doing this… yes, sister!  We are meant to soulfully, trigger each other in our relationship goals.  This is part of your Priestess-Power journey.

We stay because we are met, we are loved and seen. We are held in a supportive container even when we are triggered! – so we can get off the trigger-hampster-wheel, with the contract fulfilling love from our partner.

Rather than staying for whatever reason when you know it is not the high vibe you want, deserve or you have outgrown… you can get down and dirty honest with yourself. Get clear about what you want, who you are becoming, and what the hell is the way! Help is here.


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