You Survived The Patriarchal Rule… for what?

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Hey sis-

As a powerful, independent, phenomenal woman  you know what I mean when I say maneuvering the masculine patriarchal rule in the world has strengthened you.  

Do you? 

Think about it.  You have had to do the masculine way to survive, provide, and make it on your own all this time.  

It was the way of the world.  It had to be.  You, priestess, had to get your inner divine masculine – strong and mighty to navigate the human game.  

Good job.  You did it.  

You evolved big time during the crazy misaligned over-powered rule.

You already had the feminine innate  for lifetimes before the unevolved masculine energies took over.  You re-emerged and rose up in your feminine power, sometimes still silently while you play the game.

Sacred femme CHECK

Divine Masculine CHECK

What if I told you that NOW we have moved into the timelines of unity?  

It has been coming for awhile now – you remember the “New Age”, right?  Well, It’s here full on, sister.


Where it is about implementing the already embodied sacred feminine and divine masculine survival modes…in partnership.


Yes inner partnership AND outer divine partnership.  Way more than just a soulmate twinflame learning experience sequence of relationships.

I’ll say that again…  take this in…

Way more than just a soulmate twinflame learning experience sequence of relationships.

Let that settle in your body.

Drop a comment below and let me know how that lands with you.


It is time for you to have and be… more.

I know you sense it in your self.  In your power center.

This is what happens when we clear the blocks to desires, prosperity, love in Ascension Partnership.  In the timelines.  Soul contracts that are still stuck in the loop of the unevolved, trapped in the invisible to you, energy field.

This is what I do in the Akashic Records. I go through the library of your soul experience to the first time you made the agreement, vow or were cursed with the block to you having your ascension partner.

And I remove them. It’s what I do.  I find the “in”, as long as your blueprint is in tact and gives permission for the removal, in agreement with your ascension path guardians.


So that you can… 

  • be your true priestess power, 
  • attract your aligned soul-match partner, 


  • make the paradigm shifts in your world 


  • -doing your soul-purpose change making for the planet and her children. 


Sourced in the Divine and that’s the bottom line.

Want to know more about your unique blueprint, sacred femme priestess powers, and soul contract blocks?  You will get this and more in a Modern Priestess Power Assessment reading.


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