He’s my soul-mate, he’s my twin flame.



Ascension Partnership is different. Deeper. And meant for priest and priestess who are co-creators of reality, walking the earth as pretty dang conscious souls on purpose.

It is two souls collaborating as human partners to stand as leaders in the evolution of the planet and her children.

And it’s not really available to the uninitiated.

Soul Genius Channeling & Ascension Partnership  Coaching with Eileen for finding your true love and priest.

Before I claimed my true priest partner, I was suffering with feeling unfulfilled no matter what success I achieved. I was often tired doing this life all on my own, questioning the Divine if I was ever going to find him. Why is it so hard to just find my… soul-mate?

Like you, I was looking not just for a soul-mate, but for a soul partner, who is devoted to standing with me in spiritual leadership. A priest to my priestess.

But grounded in the real world, in a real partnership. Each on our own path, but the paths interconnected.

Can you relate?

I specialize in bringing the Ascension process guidance to humanity through the gateway of the sacred feminine. I support and empower women on the Deep spiritual path as a priestess to their Divine inheritance of being clear to receive and call in their soul partner, beloved priest.


⭐️Release your negative attractors that draw in the wrong partners.
⭐️Initiate your highest partnership blueprint.
⭐️Activate your abundance attraction like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.
⭐️Clarify your soul’s purpose, and your sacred path to fulfill it.
    Release the debris of past relationships to make space for your AscensionPartner to arrive.


A massive clearing of your attractor force.

6 Private Sessions  

6 flashes Of Insight and support

Ritual Days


A SIX WEEK intensive to get some of the muck out of the way. This makes your energy clearer to activate your attractor force. 

Then you can clarify your attractor blueprint. 

This Process Will:

Release your negative attractors that draw in the wrong partners.

Clear blocks, curses, agreements and vows that have been holding you back

 in every area of your life, and making you invisible to your priest.

Initiate your highest partnership blueprint.


The reason powerful women don’t attract their beloveds is because they have blocks in categories they are not thinking about, like:


Remove the relationship leftovers that keep getting in your way because you expect every guy to be like your last boyfriend


…From any bad blood, competition, or betrayals


Releasing soul-agreements that have kept you from magnetizing to you higher vibe dating matches and deeper relationships


Where soul-realignments may be “stuck” in your present lifetime bod

I have a kickass system that goes through, methodically, and gets rid of all these categories of blocks (and more). One clearing per single session*

Don’t take my word for it –

Here’s what clients are saying about their ascension work with me and Akasha

I loved working with Eileen. She’s gentle yet straight-forward and clear. Her work helped me open up in a new way to my father, and to understand my family of origin more clearly – which led me to a deeper healing within myself. I greatly appreciate Eileen’s mastery and loving care.

Erin Delaney

Life Coach, San Diego CA

Working with Eileen has been a transformational and empowering experience. She has helped me to remove blockages and old patterns that have prevented me from attaining what I want to create in my life. Eileen transmits information in a clear, humorous and compassionate way. At the end of a session, I know what thoughts, behaviors and specific techniques to do that support my intentions. I also have more awareness and confidence as I embark on a new way of navigating through the bumps and lessons I experience in daily life. I always feel more expanded, free and joyful after a session with Eileen because I feel supported and loved along with immense gratitude of having a powerful light being guiding me when I need it.

Deborah Scarborough

Aloha Breath Yoga & Energy Centering

My session with Eileen was so clear. She saw things that other intuitives have not seen, and she brought them to me with kindness and understanding. Even better, she cleared inner blocks that I’ve been holding a long time. And I could really feel the difference afterwards. I’m a professional intuitive myself who works with many intuitives. I’m picky! But I will be getting more sessions with Ask Akasha!

Melissa Seaman
Mellissa Seaman

Channel Your Genius

“What you seek is seeking you.”

The things you desire are seeking you in the same way you are seeking them. That’s why they appear in your imagination. … Don’t limit yourself, let your imagination grow, let it go to unimaginable places, to portals of creativity, to magical lands.

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